Old Lady on the Roof


Have you heard the joke about The Old Lady On The Roof? There was this old lady and she loved God and was determined to trust Him through thick and thin.

One day there was a terrible flood in the town. Everyone was rushing to get out fast! This old lady had climbed up on her roof and the water was rising fast when a farmer came by in a row boat and asked her to get in.

“No thanks,” said the old lady. “God will save me.” The farmer went on.

Next a man in a speed boat saw her and pulled up to the roof and said, “Come on in.”

“No thanks” said the old lady. “God will save me.”

Pretty soon she was standing on her brick chimney and the water was raising to her feet. She looked up and saw a helicopter coming down with a rope latter out for her and a women leaning out said, “Grab on!”

“No thanks!” yelled the old lady. “God will save me.”

Soon she drowned and when she got to heaven, she asked God why He didn’t save her? God looked her in the eye and said, “I sent you 2 boats and a helicopter.”

If we truly believe that God provides, we should be open to his provision. I’m going to share with you a personal example and then ask you a question.

End of the Pizza Shop

Here is an example of what happened to me one time. I got a phone call from an acquaintance and she told me that the pizza and sub shop she owned was going out of business. As we talked I was trying to figure out what it had to do with me. She said, “So we are on the final stages of clean up and I was wondering if your family could use the left over pizza and sub items?”

“Sure, that would be great!” I said.

Right here is where I was thinking of pushing the gift away. I mean, after all, I didn’t really know what she had and this is just left overs. The “why bother” set in. But then I remember that God does bless us and not always in the ways we think He will. So I agreed to her offer.

On the day she came she brought in trays of chopped veggies, buns and sauce. Then she went back outside and came in with a 20 pound box, then she went out again and come back with another box, and she went back out and got another box. I didn’t know what was in those boxes just yet. Then she left and she also wanted me to keep the nice restaurant size trays. I thanked her very much.

We used up those trays pretty fast but in the boxes were meat items. One box was beef burger crumbled, one box was sausage crumbled and one was bacon crumbled! At first I did not know exactly how I was going to use these items but I just started throwing them in meals where I could. The burger was the easiest because I’m very used to using beef so I just put it in tacos, chili and spaghetti. The sausage went into quiche, scrambled eggs and breakfast burritos. The bacon went into salad topping and even BLT’s. I just kept the boxes in the freezer and was able to use what I needed.

At the end of each box I was, by then, wishing I had more.

What Would You Do?

Here is my question for you: Have you ever had something offered to you and you turned it down?

I think that we naturally want to say, “No.” However, I believe that we miss out on many of God’s intended blessings and provisions just because we don’t want to inconvenience ourselves with items of blessing.

Just like The Old Lady on the Roof, we think that God is going to provide for us in some private way, but we must be open to what God is doing right in front of our eyes.

Do you have a story to tell about a time of provision? I would love to hear from you.


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Yes, Wendy Jeub has brought 16 children into the world, and loves each and every one of them. So much so, she'd welcome more!

  • Sheila (UK)

    Hi Wendy,
    Last year I decided to ring a lady that I had got to know who lived nearby to see how she was. She was 92 at the time and had decided to move in with her daughter as she was becoming forgetful and did not feel confident living on her own any longer. As she was moving some distance away and was leaving the next day I asked if I could pop in to see her before she left.
    When I got to her home she offered me anything I wanted as she could take nothing with her as her daughter had all she would need.
    I thanked her but only took a cross stitch picture that she had made herself to remember her by.
    When I got home I realised that her sofa and two armchairs would look perfect in our living room. I told my husband when he got in from work but he said he would not bother looking at them. I explained that she was moving the next day and in spite of some hesitation on his part I managed to persuade him to go and look at them.
    When he saw them he too realised they were just what we needed for our home.
    The lady’s son helped my husband move the sofa and chairs from her home to ours and we are so pleased with how they look .
    We almost missed this blessing through hesitation but are both so glad we realised in time.

    • Wendy Jeub

      It is amazing to see how God decorates your life.

    • http://jeubfamily.com Wendy Jeub

      It is amazing to see how God decorates your life.

  • tereza crump

    I have learned after being a missionary on the road for a couple of years 12++ years ago, that when someone is offering you something you should ALWAYS TAKE it!!

    Just a couple of weeks ago, a friend who has a daughter an year older than my oldest daughter had some things to give away. She asked me if I wanted them. I said “yes!!” When she arrived, her car trunk was full. She had 2 big boxes full of stuff and a big trash bag full of clothes. She also had a fancy big horse barn made of real wood. My oldest daughter is a horse lover! For Christmas, she got a little horse barn from her aunt. This one in the trunk was 5 times bigger than the one she got for Christmas!

    I didn’t tell DD10 about the big barn, instead I decided to see how much she trusted me. So I asked her “If I asked you for your (little) barn would you give it to me?” She said yes, but was wondering why I would want it. SO we talked about the many times, God required something from someone in the Bible to test them and only bless them many more times. So I asked her if she would give me the barn. And she did. After I put the (little) barn away I came back to talk to her and she was crying. Not in a rebellious sort of away, just sad of having to let go of something she loved. Oh, how surprised was she when I told her I had a surprise for her and gave her the (big) barn! And it was her birthday too this past month. How wonderful that God orchestrated everything so!!

    After going through the rest of the stuff, I found winter pajamas that my oldest daughter also needed. I found brand new church shoes. There were also undershirts and socks. Stuff that I normally don’t buy but my DD10 would so much appreciate.

    I also found a Brand new sewing kit that my DD5 enjoyed very much (you can see my blog I got a picture there of what she made- http://www.creatingtreasures.blogspot.com/2013/02/learning-log-of-january-2013.html ). She had been asking me to teach her how to sew and the kit was a perfect fit for her. DDalmost3 used the beadery kit that was also in the boxes to make herself a bracelet. I am still going thru the stuff and saving some goodies for later.

    I have learned to always accept when people want to give me stuff. I can always go through the stuff and re-gift and donate if I don’t want or need something. I know God uses other people to bless us. I also found out that sometimes I am just the middle man – I know someone who really needs what I have been given and don’t want. :)

    • Wendy Jeub

      I really love your story. I like you, treat the items in a similar way. I put up for birthdays and Christmas. I also give to other families. God is good.

    • http://jeubfamily.com Wendy Jeub

      I really love your story. I like you, treat the items in a similar way. I put up for birthdays and Christmas. I also give to other families. God is good.

  • lilaf

    Many times. Here’s a smaller one: I once bought a nice purple purse at the local consignment shop. It was cute, but after a while, wasn’t big enough. I said in the back of my mind that I’d like a bigger purple purse. Fleeting thought. My neighbor literally came out within a week and had this purple purse that just didn’t work for her.

    Just this past month, I had wanted a brown purse to match neutral colors. Again, a fleeting thought, and I had purposed to stop buying things that I don’t really need. I can make due with what I have, especially when so many go without, so within the grand scheme of things, matching doesn’t matter (ok, well we should at least try not to mix black and brown). And so came my neighbor… :)

    And one of my homecare patients is Filipino. They are a very gracious people. On mornings when I can’t eat much, she always offers me some food.

  • Aubrey

    I was shopping the garage sales for clothes for my soon-to-come daughter, and I came across a family of 11 children–9 daughters–from whom I bought a trash bag full of girl clothes for $40, including shoes, socks, hose and headbands, which are hard to find at garage sales. I was so struck by their family dynamic that I approached her several months later, and she granted me a 2-hour discussion on how they homeschool and manage their big family, complete with child care provided by her children. What a blessing!