Our Profound Platform

Here's Wendy enjoying the foster twins of her friend, Richelle.

Here’s Wendy enjoying the foster babies of her friend, Richelle.

You’d think our platform is “have as many children as possible.” I mean, really, we have 16 children. You’d think that we’d like to talk everyone into having 16.

But our platform, believe it or not, is bigger than a big family. We’re not advocates to “have as many children as possible.” We believe every home should be filled with love—a home of 2 or 20 children, doesn’t matter—love is the determining factor of a Godly home.

As you probably know, we were launched into a limelight a bit in 2007 when cameras came into our home to film our unusually big family. We had 13 children at the time. When the cameras are rolling, there is little to hide. You begin to wonder why you are living the life you are living.

That’s a phenomenon today: If you have something profound to say, cameras may show up at your house and start filming you. In other words, profundity gets noticed!

We responded by writing books. It made sense. I owned a publishing company, so Wendy and I spent time writing down answers to what people asked the most. We were “noticed.” Though we live in Colorado, we have connected with people around the world through our books.

What We’re Really About

We believe we are onto something profound, and it isn’t the 16 children. The platform is NOT novel (it’s been around for a couple thousand years), but profound, rare, and in need for articulation and discovery.

Those who read our books tend to capture the profundity of our most common message, and we believe they desire to capture that thing that we believe is so rare.

  • Our homes need more of this.
  • Our churches are lacking this.
  • Our neighborhoods don’t have a lot of this.
  • Our culture is twisted in this.

Our message is, quite simply, LOVE.

“Love” is in every title of our book package. God is love. Love makes the world turn ’round. Love is all you need. You’ve got to let love rule.

I quoted a couple of rock stars in there. I believe it is a sign of the times when immoral rock stars sing of the joys of love while God’s people prefer judgment.

This is profound stuff we’re talking about. Actually, we believe love is more profound than the size of our family. What do you think?

NOTE: This is an excerpt of a speech we prepared for a private event last week. Would you like to book us to speak at your event? See our speaking page.

About Chris & Wendy Jeub

The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • Cheryl Goin

    I LOVE your message of love!!! Reading your books has changed the way I parent. Actually, that was just the first change. Although raised in church, I never “got” the love thing until my thirties. I used to frown disapprovingly at gay people, teens with tattoos and purple hair, and my beer-guzzling-country-music-blasting neighbor. But how could frowning draw them to The Lord? Now I do more than just smile at them. I LOVE them. I know I’m not better than them but they are created by God and worthy of my respect. It’s not about calling what’s bad “good”. It’s about looking for the good and forgiving the bad because we all have good in us and deserve forgiveness. Everyone deserves to be loved by God’s people.