The Real Impact of Lila’s Videos

Watch this movie below, if you can stomach it. The undercover journalism of Lila Rose is exposing the blatant disregard abortionists have of the law. If you watch this video carefully, you’ll find where the blunder is toward the end. I have a few things to say about it.

This was released yesterday, the third video released in the last week by Lila’s organization, LiveAction. It is an undercover journalist organization that seeks to expose on camera the corruption prevalent in the abortion industry. Over the years she has exposed several clinics of covering for statuary rape, prostitution chains, and political lies like offering mammograms for federal aid.

Needless to say, Lila is no friend to the pro-choice movement.

This latest campaign may be the most damaging, but it isn’t for the reasons I originally thought. When I heard about them, I thought, “Yeah, okay, another abortionist breaking the law; what else is new?” But this may be different. The three videos she released so far (she claims to have more) exposes three things:

  1. Doctors and practitioners admitting — even insisting — that they would do nothing to help a live baby.
  2. Doctors and practitioners offering the hypothetical situation that they would actively take steps to kill the born child.
  3. Doctors and practitioners graphically explaining exactly what happens everyday in the abortion clinic.

The first two are the law breakers. In 2002 federal law explicitly required abortionists to seek medical attention to any so-called “botched” abortion. If the baby survives, federal law requires the doctor to call 911 and rush the baby to emergency care. Lila’s videos show that abortionists seem to disregard that law and take part in finishing the intended abortive procedure. In essence, they kill the live baby even thought she is struggling to survive. This is a clear violation of federal law, a law that the majority of Americans agree should be the law.

Lila with O ReillyI’ve been interested in the media’s reaction to this. Compared to their nearly silent reporting on the Dr. Kermit Gosnell case (an abortionist who is being tried for the murder of three babies and one woman, see the New York Times), Lila is getting much better coverage. The media hasn’t been friendly, but I shouldn’t complain.

Perhaps evil’s greatest weapon, in the midst of injustice, is silence.

But the third exposure carries the more significant impact of Lila’s videos. Watch the video. It kind of creeps up on you. The doctors explain the suctioning of live babies, the dismembering, the piece-by-piece gore of it. Even if you believe abortion should be legal, this video reminds you of the horrific procedure.

When I first viewed this video and the two that preceded it, I watched carefully for the point to where the abortionists break the law. I had to wade through the graphic explanation of the procedure of abortion. Piece by piece, the details are explained.

While searching for what exactly was illegal, I was reminded of what is legal.

I hope these abortionists are prosecuted. They probably won’t, because technically they didn’t break a law. They just admitted they would break the law if given the chance. They should at least be stripped of their licenses.

My bigger hope is in the third point. Half the country believes abortion is okay, no big deal, a woman’s private issue. I hope they ask themselves from what hell the defense of this procedure came. Perhaps pro-choice people watch the video and confess, “I’ve been on the wrong side on this issue.”

Perhaps you’re sympathetic to abortion laws. Okay, I get that. And perhaps you’re willing to write off Lila’s videos as just another smear campaign. The videos merely show some abortionists breaking the law. What else is new? When you watch the videos, you realize they do much more than show us who’s outside the law. They remind us who is inside.

We are. America supports this. I’d like to live in a world where we are defenders of life. Especially little 24-week-old babies struggling to survive.

Wendy and I are pro-life because we love life. All life is awesome, even unwanted life. A society should encourage and support the validity and vibrancy of life. A baby should have the full force of the law and the medical field fighting for it. Instead it has the law and medical fields advocating for the destruction of it. Lila has shown that we Americans have some soul-searching to do.

Lila is a former debater in the NCFCA, someone who couldn’t wait to graduate from high school to venture into undercover journalism. I’ve known her for years and am friends with her family. They’re great people, and I’m very proud of the work of LiveAction.

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Chris is the father of 16 children, busily running the family businesses and learning the depths of love along the way.

  • T. Davis

    Hello. I want to thank you so much for posting this. I was absolutely horrified at what those clinics are doing!!! It is despicable!!! We (as a country) need to STOP this practice!! As a mother of 8 children, I started crying over what I witnessed. Thank you so much for sharing this. We all need to pray for an absolute CEASE to abortion. It is totally barbaric.

  • Yuliya Rudakov

    It’s so horrible . I am originally from Russia and live in US for over 15 years . i never knew till recently that American freedom comes with freedom to choose to kill your child in a late term abortion . Russia always had a ban on abortions after 12 weeks , i assumed in America it should be the same at least . hate abortions … wonder how these doctors dont loose their minds after loosing their souls

    • Chris Jeub

      Your comment is very interesting, Yuliya. Thank you for it. I have found many values swap between US and Russia in the past 4-6 years.

      • Yuliya Rudakov

        its so true, Chris , that values swap takes place between two countries and … we really hope that Russia would not follow America in Pro -Gay movement.