Is the Book Still Making an Impact?

A friend babysat for us the other day. He bought pizza for the kids. He posted this picture on FB saying, "This is what it's like being Chris Jeub at dinner."

A friend babysat for us the other day. He bought pizza for the kids. He posted this picture on FB saying, “This is what it’s like being Chris Jeub at dinner!”

Wendy and I were commenting not too long ago if our 2007 book Love in the House was still making an impact. We were doubting so because…

  • Our website hits had gone down.
  • Sales of the book have gone down.
  • Feedback on the site has gone down.

I wanted to be optimistic. Really, we haven’t been blogging lately, so many that is a reason why. My blog at ChrisJeub.com takes up much of my writing time, and Wendy just finished her largest homeschool year in her history (11 children in school). We were glad we got to blog when we could.

I did hypothesize this: perhaps our book is being passed around. The book targets parents of many children, single income families, homeschool moms, frugal-thinking people—it is no wonder such folks would opt out of buying a book if they could help it.

Low and behold, we got this message out of the blue. Check it out:

Hello Chris and Wendy!!
My name is **** ****. I am a 36 year old African American woman from ****. I am recently divorced and parenting my 8 year old son alone. I put these facts in on the front end because they have so much significance as to why your book, LOVE IN THE HOUSE, has blessed me tremendously. I acquired your book (free of charge) at a home school curriculum exchange, that I had not planned to attend ( I am not a home school mom). Out of several other free books I received that day, LOVE IN THE HOUSE, was the first one I decided to read. The fact that it focuses on love is another miracle because our theme at our church this year is LOVE!! Our mantra is based upon John 13:35 and our pastor has been teaching on love since January 1, 2013!! Anyhow, your book has shed so much light on my son’s behavior and why the methods I had been utilizing have not been effective!! I also will never view my financial situation or ability to raise more children in the same light. Your courage and obedience blesses me. Thank you!!

Forever changed, Forever grateful

Isn’t that about the coolest message ever? It shows us two things…

  1. We shouldn’t assume our book isn’t making an impact on people. It is!
  2. We shouldn’t assume LOVE targets just homeschool, intact families of more-than-one child!


About Chris & Wendy Jeub

The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • Dawn Pickering

    Totally agree! I can’t wait to purchase your book very soon! I ave heard so much about it! Many blessings and do please continue to write, encourage, and share your wisdom no matter the numbers…because even if its one more…thats one more person who you have blessed! We also are looking forward to getting some of your other books {We currently don’t have any}
    Love The PIckerings!

  • Lindsey

    I want to purchase your book so much! It’s on my wish list for sure and I don’t even have children!

  • LiaD

    Your book is on my “to buy” list. Is it still making an impact? I don’t know about the “numbers” of people, but I’m a spiritual pragmatist: It isn’t about your numbers, or your hits, it’s about the SORT of impact you’re making on people’s lives. Personally, I would rather have a huge impact on ten lives than make tiny little ripples in a hundred people’s lives. Those ten I affect enormously will have a greater chance of going out with the purpose of affecting other lives in the same way.

    Your website, your blog here, these things ARE making an impact on me. And I intend to pass this along to others I know. Your family, the things you go through, your values and beliefs, all of those things are giving me a little bit more courage to keep going, to keep standing up for God and what’s right.

    Don’t count your value by sales or hits. There will be lulls, there will be drops, and there will be gains. There will also be the invisible gains, you know, the ones that grow beautifully and in secret until they show themselves later in life. As long as you continue your good work, what you do here will be of immeasurable value. And I thank you for it.

    – Lia

  • Meagan

    I downloaded the Kindle version of your book last weekend when it was free. I’d never heard of it, and had no idea what it was about, and honestly it looked like the kind of thing I’d normally pass on.
    Wow. I devoured it in 2 evenings, and plan to start it again tonight highlighting things I want to remember and put into practice. I am hoping I will be able to persuade my husband to read it as well. I can see already that it is going to make a HUGE impact my family, and I am so grateful the Holy Spirit prompted me to download it. I will definitely be recommending it to everyone I know!

  • Emma

    I am reading the book to my husband; I got it a few months ago when the Kindle version was free. We read chapter 2 this morning on the way to church, and on the way home he told me he wants me to start a folder of articles that promote large families. We have seven children (1-15), and are open to more as God sends them, although I’m 39 so there aren’t very many more years left. I don’t get negative comments about our family size very often at all, but he frequently does, and he told me that your book is very encouraging to him. Thank you! The book is quite a blessing to us right now.