Love Is What You Need

"We can fail at almost anything as parents, but if we succeed on love, we have little to worry about."

“We can fail at almost anything as parents, but if we succeed on love, we have little to worry about.”

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Browse this website and you’ll see that it’s more than just a family blog. We’ll brag on our kids now and then, but there is a heartfelt longing that Chris and I want to share with you. We want to tell it to you straight, give you the big kahuna of what we’re about. Actually, it isn’t too complex:

We believe you, as parents of your beautiful children, should pursue joy in your home by learning along with our family the wonderful depths of love.

And let me emphasize: this thing called love is deep. We’ve been parenting for nearly 30 years, and a day hardly passes without a lesson on love. Every parent experiences these depths. Don’t they?

I enjoy covering topics that other parenting websites cover: how to fold laundry, buy groceries, cook meals, and so on. I enjoy talking of these things, sure. I hope these tricks of the trade help in your parenting. But if you don’t build a home of love, you will have failed as a parent.

Meditate on that for a few seconds.
If you don’t build a home of love, you will have failed as a parent.

You may have thought differently. Perhaps being a good parent meant something other than actually loving your children. “The thing that will make me a good parent is [fill in the blank].” Discipline, training, schooling, time management, financial wisdom, biblical worldview, bearing more children, etc. These are helpful —- many are topics I talk about — but not the central theme. None of these should be the “big kahuna” in your home. In fact, we have seen homes that attempt to put something other than “love” in that blank, and they are horrific homes. Nothing you’d want to be a part of.

I cannot emphasize enough: love is it. It is not just one of many virtues. It is the most important virtue. It’s the “most excellent way” (1 Corinthians 12:31). Consider the response Jesus gave when asked what the greatest commandment was. His answer: Love the Lord God and love your neighbor. “All the Law of the Prophets hang on these two commandments” (Matthew 22:34-40). This is the reason Jesus is worshiped in our home: love.

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Little in life teaches more about love than family. LOVE is what the Jeubs are about. And love is what you and your family should be about, too.

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About Wendy Jeub

Yes, Wendy Jeub has brought 16 children into the world, and loves each and every one of them. So much so, she'd welcome more!

  • Dewi Eke

    We have 8 children and I am often are asked ‘ how do you do it ?’ Well the answer is love . We love our kids – but foremost we love our Lord & Saviour. Love makes everything just work . I am far from the perfect Wife and mother – my house is not perfect and I get grumpy just like anyone else but our children are happy, well adjusted & loved . Wendy ‘s words confirm what many of us with large families already know – Love for Jesus & love for family produces a happy home .
    I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Phillipians 4:13

  • Lynn N Steven Denny

    I encourage people that I meet along the way in life to read books by the Jeub family. in a society where money is worshipped and blessings from the Lord turn down it’s refreshing and reassuring to be encouraged
    by traditional family values,children looked at as a blessing and not a burden,not putting of the important things in life like finding a mate and starting a family.reading encouraging books by Wendy will bless you I assure you.