Our Choice for Healthcare

Today’s healthcare changes are pondering many questions. We have a wonderful answer, and we strongly encourage you to look into it.

Samaritan Ministries

We’re part of a cooperative group of Christians called Samaritan Ministries. The group makes much more sense, in our opinion, than the solutions given by the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) or insurance.

  • Members pay cash for their medical needs, then submit prayer requests to the ministry.
  • The central office manages member requests and lets us know where to send our checks.
  • Samaritan members send each other get well cards with their checks.
  • Prayer letters are shared for medical needs and requests.
  • Samaritan is focused on community and caring, much more so than insurance or the government.

This may sound dreamy to you. Great in theory, but too good to be true. Members of Samaritan Ministries have been taking care of each other’s medical needs for over 20 years. In large part, the proof is in the longevity and ability of Samaritan to take care of its members.

Honestly, Does Samaritan Work?

This is an honest question. We put Samaritan to the test in 2011-2012 when my family was hit with three huge medical emergencies that racked up $130,000 worth of hospital, doctor and medication bills (son cut his finger in a table saw, mom had a tumor removed from her throat, and dad had a virus that attacked my heart). It was devastating and scary facing the pile of bills. Within a year, all the bills were paid.

Read about Samaritan here.

The pain of those three medical emergencies are two years old, but the pain of the bills are behind us. We don’t know of many people in that situation with the best insurance who can claim such a thing. All of the $130,000 has been paid off. Every penny. The stress is gone and we are back to healthy, uneventful living (for the time being).

Standing on this side of $130,000 of medical bills, we can sincerely testify that Samaritan Ministries came through, which is the idea of the “Good Samaritan” principle. The system Samaritan has come up with is effective. Our requests were published to the membership, and the system distributed the request equitably among its members, and the members followed through faithfully as “Good Samaritans” should.

Since 2004 we have been sending our monthly checks loyally, and we do so with a bit of enthusiasm knowing that the money is going to another to help in his/her time of need. Multiply that by 25,000 households and you have quite an impressive group of people taking care of one another.

Great news: Samaritan is one of the legitimate exceptions to Obamacare, so you will not pay the penalty that will be charged to those who choose to refuse insurance. We believe it is the best option among anything available, Obamacare and insurance included, and I suspect you’ll find it great for your family, too.

What Next?

You probably have insurance or are on some sort of state insurance. Now it’s the law to be covered by some sort of insurance, Obamacare, or an exemption. To avoid penalty next year, give yourself some time to research the Samaritan option. We believe it will be well worth your time.

Download an information packet HERE. If you sign up for a year, be sure to mention the Jeub family in your application. The ministry keeps track of referrals, and we’d appreciate the mention. (See disclosure below.)

The Jeubs believe Samaritan is perfect for families. Investigate this for your family; it may be just the thing you need to fulfill the new federal mandate. Visit Samaritan Ministries’ Website. They come with our strongest recommendation.

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About Chris & Wendy Jeub

The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • Darla S. in Washington

    Thanks Chris and Wendy. Neil has insurance through his work, but we’re going to recommend Samaritan to Will (now 20 and ready to move out) and we’ll use your link for sure.

  • stink finger

    funny how you just depend on the goodness of others to pay your bills,, heres an idea, get insurance, someday people may decide that giving is not in there budget