Republished on an Anti-Quiverfull Website

Got word that one of my articles was to be republished…in the absolutely LAST public forum that you would EVER guess an article by Chris Jeub would be published. Any guesses?

Stiff Necked Legalism

I posed the question on Facebook and friends came up with all sorts of answers. Some went for big. Rolling Stone, TIME Magazine, National Geographic, Al Jazeera? Nope.

Huffington Post, MSNBC,, Freethinker, NPR, Slate? Nope, too conservative.

Mother Jones, Communist Party USA, High Times, PETA? No, they’re too friendly to folks like me.

Planned Parenthood, Free Jinger, Mother Earth Times, Secular World, and They were getting close, but still no.

I had no idea I would enjoy reading the responses as much as I did. Think about it for a moment: I posed a question that asked others to reflect on what perceptions they had of me. What a bizarre and twisted trill in finding entertainment in what others think of you. Try it some time, it’s a trip. In my case, no one guessed after a good 50 entries.

I insisted, “I bet you guys can guess this. It is somewhere you would NEVER expect me to be republished. Think of who I am, what I believe, my hardcore fundamentals…and flip it on its head. THAT’S who I’m connecting with, and I’m pretty excited about it.”

They got desperate. NEA, Friendly Atheist, Salon, Right Wing Watch, ThinkProgress, Edutopia, Star Wars Fan Forum. I didn’t even know some of these existed.

My Facebook friends were stumped. They never guessed accurately. The article went live yesterday evening. Here it is:

Stiff-necked Legalism

The site is called No Longer Quivering, “a gathering place for women escaping and recovering from spiritual abuse.” Wendy and I can identify with that subtitle, but I believe we have a unique view of the quiverfull movement that is different from what they view it to be (see my 2009 analysis What We Mean by Quiverfull).

Can you do me a favor? Read the article and let me know what you think. If you’re daring, engage in the conversation on No Longer Quivering. You may find, as Wendy and I have, some very interesting challenges to the assumptions you’ve had in your quiverfull or homeschool journey.

About Chris Jeub

Chris is the father of 16 children, busily running the family businesses and learning the depths of love along the way.

  • MrsAFM

    Reading through the comments, I realize what it is that I find annoying about HA; it is that they have had a limited experience with life, and tend to blame their problems all on homeschooling. I grew up in a home that was… far from perfect, and I know what public schools do with kids who are abused at home: they are the first to be victimized at school. Public schools also destroy the solidarity between siblings, and an awful lot of kids don’t get out with a decent education, especially the ones who have a rough time of it at home. On the HA site, you see a lot of young adults who firmly believe their problems would have been solved if only their parents had sent them to a public school. when in reality, their problems might well have been exacerbated. I didn’t read much on this site, but I have to wonder if that same mentality isn’t there. ‘If I had had fewer children. my life would have been so much better’… so I’m glad you were able to get your message on the site. It really isn’t the place or the circumstance that you find yourself in that causes discontent or happiness. it is the state your heart is in.

    • Chris Jeub

      I had the same first impression — that the writers were anti-homeschooling — but I’ve found only a few of them to hold such a position. Most of the writers are writing about abuse, patriarchy, Vision Forum / ATI types of experiences, etc. Same with the NLQ folks. They aren’t necessarily complaining about so many children. They’re complaining about the legalism in a particular community of people.