YOU Should Be Blogging

Would you like to join Grandma Jeub and I for a free online Google+ chat about blogging? If you and your family have ever entertained the idea of having a family blog, I bet our story will resonate with you.

Chris and Judy Jeub Blogging

Here’s the deal: blogging is a major medium of the day. I’m a “daddy blogger” at www.ChrisJeub.com, but that genre is nothing compared to “mommy blogging,” which Wendy wishes she had more time for. My mom is a new genre of blogging, “boomer bloggers,” and she just celebrated her second year of day-by-day blogging (see www.JudyJeub.com).

Perhaps you fit into this site better: “family blogging.” Our Jeub Family website gains about a thousand visitors per day when we’re really putting time into it. When family life is busy and we aren’t able to give it attention, a few hundred every day will still browse our articles.

If you have reservations, you’re not alone. My mom had reservations when I set her up two years ago, and even I had reservations about launching my own blog (I have been the primary writer for JeubFamily.com since 2005).

The idea is that YOU and your family have things to share with the world. If you’re decent writers, there is no excuse. You should be blogging.

Allow my mom and I the privilege of telling you our stories. We’re hosting a Google+ hangout on February 13, 2014, at 7 PM Central Time — and you’re invited. It is absolutely free, just the two of us sharing with you our experience with blogging. I know it will inspire you to join us in the blogosphere!

Here is a direct link to the form, or fill out the form below and I’ll make sure you’re included:

See you in the Hangout! Contact me if you have questions.


About Chris & Wendy Jeub

The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • Nelson Minica

    Thanks for the encouragment and good examples from Jeubs galore! We recently started our family ministry blog at http://www.righttome.com it’s a lot of work but we hope the Lord uses it to bless others.