Free Diet Chapter 1

Wendy Jeub 200pxI’m glad to see you here! The following is the first chapter of my diet book, Love in a Diet. I want you to find what I’ve found: a love for the image that you’ve been created in. I love being able to share these dieting principles with others. I’ve found “Love in a Diet,” which is a reflection of love of family and love of life.

So, if you’re overweight or have trouble staying at a comfortable, healthy size, you’re in for an encouraging read. I know you will be encouraged. Click here to order.

My Story

Why did you pick up this diet book? Yet another diet book. It’s all right. This one is real. I know, all the diet books claim to be real, but this one is written by a real person with a real jean size. I’m a mom, simply a mom. Not a diet specialist with diet food or pills to sell.

I do have this unique claim:

I am the mother of 16 children. No, none of them were adopted. I delivered 16 human beings into the world. For most of my adult life I have been either pregnant or nursing, sometimes both.

And today I weigh less than I did when I got married.

But it hasn’t always been that way. For quite a while, I gained a bit more weight every pregnancy. After my 10th child in 2002, I weighed 50 pounds more than I do now, and was five sizes bigger.

“Self,” I would say, “you can’t really do anything about it. You are the mother of 10 children. You are supposed to be overweight.”

You have to admit, my excuse was pretty dandy. Few people would argue with a mother of so many children. What does a mother of 10 look like in your mind? Plump? Pudgy? Overweight would be too kind, I imagine. Borderline obese is probably closer to the truth. I was that mother of 10 and I had the same picture in my mind.

But I was wrong, wrong, wrong! I had fallen for an image of myself that I didn’t like nor deserve. I was overweight and unhealthy in my mind and, therefore, exactly what I thought of myself.

I wish I had a book like this to encourage and teach me principles that would correct this body of mine. I learned through trial-and-error. I know there are thousands of moms out there like me, wanting to be good moms who are in good shape and are encouragers to their husbands and children. They think, as I did, “If I could just get this weight thing figured out.”

I’ve figured it out. I love the image of myself. I love being able to share these dieting principles with other moms. I’ve found “Love in a Diet,” which is a reflection of love of family and love of life.

So if you’re overweight or have trouble staying at a comfortable, healthy size, you’re in for an encouraging read.

My Crisis

It was a Saturday morning in early December in sunny Colorado. I had just crawled out of bed. Late. I had slept in for a change. My husband (what a wonderful guy!) had made me a big breakfast. So I went straight from bed to the table, had my cup of coffee, and started in on the pancakes, sausage and fried potatoes Chris had cooked up. Chris enjoys making large breakfasts on weekend mornings, hearty meals for our entire family.

Syrup oozed deliciously down onto my plate as Chris gave me a grin … and my big brother walked up to the front door. What!? Tod lived in Wisconsin. What was he suddenly doing here? To my knowledge, he had never been to Colorado in his life. And I had not seen him for at least two years.

I ran to the door and threw my arms around him. He gave me his usual bear hug, the kind that cracks your back like a knuckle. We laughed and joked, “Look what the cat dragged in!” What a blessing to have the Saturday free, no errands to run and no previous plans.

God set me up for this pleasant surprise.

Tod stayed for a good portion of the day. He cooked a hearty lunch for all of us. (He likes to cook just like Chris does.) The afternoon was filled with laughter and joy. We took tons of pictures.

Our busy lives revved back up after he left, and we didn’t get around to developing those pictures for another month. (We should have waited even longer.) I loved to see my brother, but I did not like the other person I saw in those pictures: ME. Was this the woman my brother saw? I was bulky and out of shape. My body was huge, my legs were bulging, my weight not able to be hid. Wow, I thought, I’ve really let my weight get out of hand.

My Resolve

We hear of genuine “crisis” moments where someone’s weight leads to heart attacks and other near-death situations. And compared to that, my “crisis” doesn’t seem very serious. “So what?” you may be thinking. “I feel that way every time I look in the mirror!”

But this was a crisis for me—every bit as much as the most shaking crisis. And it served as a breaking point for me. I had other reasons to be concerned about my weight, but they fell to the wayside and led to little change. My husband loved me no matter how big I was. I would become winded while playing with the kids—sometimes it was even hard to get off the floor after a bit of rough-and-tumble—but they understood. No judgment came from them.

But now, after this pictorial crisis, I wasn’t OK anymore. “My goodness,” I mentally choked, “I don’t want to be this way. I am someone I don’t want to be.”

A crisis, especially one concerning weight, can lead to spiraling depression. And more eating. For someone who likes food—correction—who loves food, the temptation to give in can be overwhelming. I’ve fallen into this spiral too many times. How could I lose weight, I would reason, when I really love to eat? I can’t starve myself!

But this time my crisis didn’t lead to depression. Or more eating. A resolve began stirring up inside me that gave me a determination to finally lose some weight and get into shape. “Self,” I said, “if your brother ever stops by again unannounced, you are going to look and feel great!”

Admit it: You’re at the same place. You wouldn’t be holding this book in your hands if you weren’t. You’ve experienced a crisis—just like so many other crises—but this time it’s different. The stronghold that justified your overweight body and lack of exercise finally broke. You could probably even write this chapter with a much better story than mine.

Diets That Work, Diets That Don’t

My breaking point in 2002 gave me the resolve to find out what would work. It wasn’t easy. So many diets don’t work. Or at least they didn’t for me. High protein, low carb, no sugar, no dairy, no fat, no salt diets. I tried starving myself most of the day and eating whatever I wanted in the evening. They all left me in the same spot: I would lose weight for a while, but as soon as I got back to real life, I would put on the very same pounds again. Plus more!

I am grateful to be able to tell you that the story doesn’t end there. I did find a solution. And I have now successfully kept my weight off for eleven years—while having six more children in the process! If I weren’t the one writing this book, I likely wouldn’t believe it. But it’s working. My diet works even for people like me who have every excuse in the world to be overweight.

This is a “diet” book, remember. A diet includes consuming food; it’s about what you eat. But I am not going to put you “on a diet.” This is the wrong idea of dieting. More precisely, there are good diets and there are bad diets. A diet of chocolate brownies every evening is not a good diet. You can’t be put “on a diet” any more than you can be put on the earth. You’re already here. And you never stopped eating.

Understanding this was a problem for me, and is a problem for virtually everyone I meet who has trouble keeping weight off. They have a real life into which they fall back, “normal” types of food they eat and “normal” amounts they put on their plates. The life that you choose includes the diet you live on, and this is either healthy or unhealthy depending on what, exactly, it is.

This book will change your life, really. Your whole attitude will be forever different. This is what it takes to be the attractive, active person you want to be. You are at your breaking point. There is no turning back now. You’re on your way!

Hey, if I can do it while having six more babies and nursing them, you can do it, too.

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