Guest Writers

You may have guessed as much: This really isn’t a “family blog.” It’s an encouraging, uplifting, convicting, joyous celebration of life.

The Jeubs are, of course, the main content contributors, but others are invited to contribute from time to time. Would you like to post on our site? There are a few guidelines you must follow, but they aren’t too complicated.

  • Posts must be within 500 words, well-written, and original pieces.
  • Posts must be approved by the Jeubs and must lend to the overall purpose of
  • Contributors must be okay with full disclosure of their names and contact information (usually a link back to their website or blog).
  • Contributors must be okay with being edited before publishing. This is not a collaborative project. Chris is a professional editor and will take your post seriously.

There is no compensation for your post, but we hope the traffic of our site will be of some use to you (approximately 35,000 pageviews per month). Besides, we’re not really trying to seek out contributors. What we want are godly, jubilant folks who have a heart for teaching others the joys of family life. If you share in this calling, we want to hear from you!

Click through our articles to get a feel for what we write about, and you’ll get an idea what we’re about. Please don’t submit articles without first getting to know us first. We want articles that encourage young couples to love their families.

Thank you for your consideration. Contact us to inquire.