Frequently Asked Questions

“How do you do it?” is a popular question for our family of 16 kids. Here’s our attempt to explain some of the “how.” Leave your comments on what you would like us to answer! We’ll do our best to fit an answer in.


One of the biggest questions we get: “How can you afford all those children?” Believe it or not, we live modestly and frugally…and we live like kings. We do not rely on government assistance of any kind, either. Lots of answers here for how we keep things together financially.


We have 16, so we must love them. Funny, many parents pull their hair out with one or two children, then end up taking drastic measures to keep from having more. Really, life is wonderful with so many children, and here are some answers to popular questions.


We often get told, “I just want to be a fly on your wall to truly find out how the Jeub household runs!” Let’s try to answer some of the most popular questions.


Since 2006, we have enjoyed opening our home to the media at various times throughout our busy lives.