Love Another Child

Love Another Child Cover

“I wish I had read this book 30 years ago. I would have been a better dad. I might have also had more children.”

—Ken Davis

Love Another Child is the title of the book scheduled to release 1st quarter, 2011. We have been writing this book since 2009 in our attempt to explain why we so believe that family life is an adventure worth pursuing. We build a heartfelt justification for couples who feel the calling to bring another child–perhaps even their first–into the family.

“We love this life journey. Love another child? You bet! And we know that there are countless other couples who feel the same way. They know in their hearts that children are blessings. Despite the world’s best arguments, they have a love beating in their hearts to love another child, perhaps many more. We believe this is God working, calling them to let the children come, to embrace the truth of Christ. It’s exciting and beautiful and free.”

Love Another Child is more than just a book. It is a calling. We have big plans to making this book as available as possible. The web page lists significant posts showing the developments of Love Another Child. When the book is available for preorder, we will have information here, too.